Create a 3D Animation Product Film

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45 sec of 3d product film

We will create a 3D movie featuring a product. You can add titles.
Please send a clear explanation of the product with its pictures. Preference to get a sketch of the accuracy of the product if possible. In addition, send an explanation of what the film is supposed to show.

We have been creating 3D animation Videos for the medical world for 20 years.

Our films combine an accurate technological explanation and a beautiful artistic performance, Which makes watching a fascinating experience.

A sharp understanding of technology, professional writing, and good narration are a winning combination.

Our Videos know how to touch the heart of your product’s technology. Clearly explain the benefits. And after watching the movie – there will be nothing more to explain.

(*Skype Chat meeting is sometimes necessary )

Contact us before ordering for exact pricing.

  • Amazing 3D animation
  • Pro Writing and scripting
  • Pro Voiceover.
21 Days Delivery
5 Revisions
  • Script writing
  • Storyboard
  • 3D modeling
  • Lighting
  • Background music

4 reviews for Create a 3D Animation Product Film

  1. kathrynbower641

    USI was incredibly professional in receiving and implementing multiple rounds of feedback until we got exactly the product we were looking for! They are incredibly talented and is a joy to work with overall. 🙂

  2. noibg2021

    Our team is extremely happy with USI’s work! Every step of the way they was thoughtful and communicative. Wish we found them sooner!

  3. mister_dave

    Amazing as always. Consistently top quality work and completely reliable. So grateful to be working with USI, thanks so much!

  4. stefantipsy

    USI does everything at the highest quality level possible. They are flexibe and helpfull. Totally recommend them.

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